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Thursday, 25 July 2013

New technique for Regrain any footage

hey guys check the new technique for ReGrain any footage,if you need any help,you can drop me a mail,hope this will help you in your work
Re-Grain Process using denoise tool (extracting original grains)            
This is an alternative approach / tool for regraining footage when it is difficult to match grains
using the standard regrain tool.
The said tool may not work under all circumstances but will help in most situations.
1: Take any source footage which has grain
2: Connect denoise tool with that footage
3: Denoise the footage in the same way as you always do
4: Now go to denoise parameter select the output option to noise (by default it is in result
mode). you will see the grains extracted from that footage

5: Now take a shuffle node and connect it with the same denoise tool. In shuffle node turn off
the alpha.

6: Take the plate which you want to regrain (the Degrained plate)

7: Merge the Grains with the Degrained plate that you want to regrain as shown in below

8: these are some problems you may face:

1. Ghosting of original grains in the result .
Solution: Clone the grains from an area that has similar grain structure.
2. Grains Color's not matching
you can fix color problem by adding a grade node after the shuffle node and
individually adjust each grains channel

Notice the ghost of the actors forehead and hair.

RGB view of cloned grains.

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